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“Facts as such never settle anything. They are working tools only. It is the implications that can be drawn from the facts that count.  And to evaluate these requires wisdom and judgment” (Clarence Randall)

Publicaciones Internacionales* de Integrantes del GEMM


*: Período 2000-2011




Temas Minero-Ambientales: España


A first insight into mercury distribution and speciation in soils from the Almadén mining district, Spain (2003)


Elimination of inorganic mercury from waste waters using crandallite-type compounds (2003)


Mercury speciation and microbial transformations in mine wastes, stream sediments, and surface waters at the Almadén mining district, Spain (2004)


Size fractionation in mercury-bearing airborne particles (HgPM10) at Almadén, Spain: implications for inhalation hazards around old mines (2005)


The Almadén district (Spain): anatomy of one of the world’s largest Hg-contaminated sites (2006)


Mercury accumulation in soils and plants in the Almadén mining district, Spain: one of the most contaminated sites on Earth (2006)


Microprobe techniques for speciation analysis and geochemical characterization of mine environments: the mercury district of Almadén in Spain (2006)


Naturally occurring arsenic in groundwater and identification of the geochemical sources in the Duero Cenozoic Basin, Spain (2006)


Environmental assessment of the arsenic-rich, Rodalquilar gold–(copper–lead–zinc) mining district, SE Spain: data from soils and vegetation (2009)


XANES speciation of mercury in three mining districts – Almadén, Asturias (Spain), Idria (Slovenia) (2010)


Geoenvironmental characterization of the San Quintín mine tailings, Ciudad Real (Spain) (2010)


The Mazarrón Pb–(Ag)–Zn mining district (SE Spain) as a source of heavy metal contamination in a semiarid realm: Geochemical data from mine wastes, soils, and stream sediments (2010)


Sampling high to extremely high Hg concentrations at the Cerco de Almadenejos, Almadén mining district (Spain): The old metallurgical precinct (1794 to 1861 AD) and surrounding areas (2010)


The MERSADE (European Union) project: testing procedures and environmental impact for the safe storage of liquid mercury in the Almadén district, Spain (2010)


A geochemical and geophysical characterization of sulfide mine ponds at the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Spain) (2010)


Monitoring study of the mine pond reclamation of Mina Concepción, Iberian Pyrite Belt (Spain) (2010)


Application of electrical resistivity tomography to the environmental characterization of abandoned massive sulphide mine ponds (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain) (2010)


A multiinstitutional Spanish Master's program in ecosystem restoration: vision and four-year experience (2010)


Restoring earth surface processes through landform design. A 13-year monitoring of a geomorphic reclamation model for quarries on slopes (2010)




Temas Minero-Ambientales: Chile


Heavy metals in stream sediments from the Coquimbo region (Chile): effects of sustained mining and natural processes in a semi-arid Andean basin (2003)


Strong arsenic enrichment in sediments from the Elqui watershed, Northern Chile: industrial (gold mining at El Indio–Tambo district) vs. geologic processes (2004)


Environmental assessment of copper–gold–mercury mining in the Andacollo and Punitaqui districts, northern Chile (2004)


Atmospheric mercury data for the Coquimbo region, Chile: influence of mineral deposits and metal recovery practices (2005)


The As-contaminated Elqui river basin: a long lasting perspective (1975–1995) covering the initiation and development of Au–Cu–As mining in the high Andes of northern Chile (2006)


Strong metal anomalies in stream sediments from semiarid watersheds in northern Chile: when geological and structural analyses contribute to understanding environmental disturbances (2006)


Contributions of the different water sources to the Elqui river runoff (northern Chile) evaluated by H/O isotopes (2006)


Mineral deposits and Cu–Zn–As dispersion–contamination in stream sediments from the semiarid Coquimbo Region, Chile (2007)


Retención de arsénico en embalses: el caso del río Elqui, Chile (2008)


Sustainable development threats, inter-sector conflicts and environmental policy requirements in the arid, mining rich, northern Chile territory (2009)


A rich vein? Mining and the pursuit of sustainability (2011)


Natural factors and mining activity bearings on the water quality of the Choapa basin, North Central Chile: insights on the role of mafic volcanic rocks in the buffering of the acid drainage process (2011)




Salud Ambiental


Mercury in air and plant specimens in herbaria: a pilot study at the MAF Herbarium in Madrid (Spain) (2007)


Evaluation of mercury dispersion from chlor-alkali industries in Spain (2009)


In vitro studies evaluating leaching of mercury from mine waste calcine using simulated human body fluids (2010)


Restrictive definition of asbestos and the assessment of potential health hazards: insights from Northern Chile (2010)




Otros Temas Ambientales


Pre-industrial metal anomalies in ice cores: a simplified reassessment of windborne soil dust contribution and volcanic activity during the last glaciation (2005)


Natural protection against groundwater pollution by nitrates in the Central Valley of Chile (2005)


Interaction of water components in the semi-arid Huasco and Limarí river basins, North Central Chile (2006)


How short can short-term human-induced climate oscillations be? (2009)


Statistical downscaling of precipitation and temperature in north-central Chile: an assessment of possible climate change impacts in an arid Andean watershed (2010)




Distritos Mineros & Fajas Metalogénicas


Norte de Chile


The Cu-Au Andacollo district (La Serena, Chile): preliminary data from the porphyry copper, and possible relationships between Cu and Au mineralization (2000)


Giant versus small porphyry copper deposits of Cenozoic age in northern Chile: adakitic versus normal calc-alkaline magmatism (2001)


The Cretaceous iron belt of northern Chile: role of oceanic plates, a superplume event, and a major shear zone (2003)


Plate interactions, evolving  magmatic styles, and inheritance of structural paths: development of the gold-rich, Miocene El Indio Epithermal Belt, Northern Chile (2007)


Massive volcanism in the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Plateau and formation of the huge Atacama Desert nitrate deposits: a case for thermal and electric fixation of atmospheric nitrogen (2007)




Palaeozoic magmatic-related hydrothermal activity in the Almadén syncline (Spain): a long-lasting Silurian to Devonian process? (2000)


First lead isotopic data for cinnabar in the Almadén district (Spain): implications for the genesis of the mercury deposits (2005)




Sr and Nd isotope data from the fluorspar district of Asturias, northern Spain (2006)


Sources and composition of fluids associated with fluorite deposits of Asturias (N Spain) (2009)


Variability in fluid sources in the fluorite deposits from Asturias (N Spain): further evidences from REE, radiogenic (Sr, Sm, Nd) and stable (S, C, O) isotope data (2010)


Helium isotopic ratios in fluid inclusions from fluorite-rich Mississippi Valley-Type district of Asturias, northern Spain (2010)


Linares-La Carolina


A well-preserved, ca 250 m.y. old, geothermal field in central Spain: shallowest traces of a much larger hydrothermal system (2002)


Hydrothermal alteration in the Linares–La Carolina Ba–Pb–Zn–Cu–(Ag) vein district, Spain: mineralogical data from El Cobre vein (2002)


Sistema Central Español y Montes de Toledo


Fluid evolution and hydrothermal processes of the Spanish Central System (2000)


The latest post-Variscan fluids in the Spanish Central System: evidence from fluid inclusion and stable isotope data (2002)


As–(Ag) sulphide veins in the Spanish Central System: further evidence for a hydrothermal event of Permian age (2004)


Long-term thermo-tectonic evolution of the Montes de Toledo area (Central Hercynian Belt, Spain): constraints from apatite fission-track analysis (2005)


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